Bad luck on 1st December


How to pass from euphoria to pure sadness in 20 seconds …

Everything collapsed for me on December 1st, while things have started so well.

First, I did a good training on day 1 in Lake Louise – good sensations, I felt good on my skis and ready to face this wonderful circuit. This first training allowed me to gain confidence, better understand my position after these long months of preparation. The result was not exceptional but already much better than the last season, I saw that I was on the right track.

Then comes the day of the 2nd training with conditions far from easy – a windy, white day that made visibility very bad and even with a little fog here and there. 

Several stops of the race because of this fog, the expectation and the restless heart… Finally, I am at the start point, with a blank on my mind, it's my turn and I am ready to launch, I cannot wait to cross the start gate, push it with all my strength to give my best!

I pass the finish line, I see that my timing is at 3 seconds and I cannot believe it – a mix of euphoria which combines a great joy with a very strong adrenalin rush after this mad run. I literally gave everything, the word "control" was out of my vocabulary, I could not see where I was putting my feet but I felt this speed, this madness and this pleasure.


Yes, I can say – that day, being at 3 seconds from the best, after having sections placing me in the top 30 was a beautiful achievement after these difficult seasons. It was at last the proof that the work was paying and that all the sacrifices I made were worth it.

Then comes the time to concentrate for the 3rd official training that awaited us the next day. I knew exactly what to do to improve myself. I had made mistakes the day before and was eager to go back to improve myself over and over again. I was confident and had that big urge to do well and enjoy.

Ania pe schiuri 3

Beep 15sec … beep, beep, beep – finally the moment I waited – it’s my turn !!!
I feel good, confident technically and physically, both solid and feline, I feel that I am fast …

Then it is the drama, I press a little harder on a curve and suddenly an acute pain occurs, so I can no longer rely on my leg. I let myself fall softly so I can stop and there I knew it's over. I cry in pain for someone to help me, it hurts, it hurts badly. People do not understand because they did not see me make a big fall, I told them "it's my knee, it failed me".
I begin to cry – a mixture of pain, sadness and anger. At that moment, I understand that my season is over, my dreams and goals flew away, all the hours of training are wasted because I’m finishing the season before it even starts (the first race of the circuit was the next day).

Several close people sent me screenshots of the timing that I was making … green on the first intermediary of the race … still green on the second one … Finally, I am glad to see that all my ambition and investment were worth it, I was skiing fast. Yes, before my knee failed me, I was skiing fast, that's why my motivation doubled, I'll come back, I promise I'll fight to get back on skis and be as fast as I was the 1st December.