Why skiing?

My mother helped me discover skiing while bringing students during her snow-class lessons. Later on we moved to the mountains. I passed the snow baptism at the age of seven, tasted the first success, then I joined the ski club at the age of nine. My path is drawn ever since, it became a passion for me and I progressed quickly and walked every step to the top level.

In a way I feel that my life began when I started skiing. This is such a beautiful sport, that combines adrenaline, sliding, explosiveness, strength, precision, speed – all this in extraordinary panoramas across the world. I am aware of having made great sacrifices for this sport, but from the moment I realized I could not live without it, that I am the happiest when I am on skis, these sacrifices seemed not so huge anymore and – above all – it's worth the effort!

Why run for Romania?

When I was little, I had the right to participate in the French circuit and also in the international races under the colors of Romania. That's how I made my debut for Romania.

It is true that I have always lived in France, but my heart was always Romanian. My mom raised us, my sister and me, by herself, she taught us Romanian language since we were very young. My family from my mother side, where I grew up, is a 100% Romanian one, so since my childhood I feel more Romanian than French.

I was born in France indeed and have always lived there, but when it comes to a football game between France and Romania I support Romania, and it has always been this way!

I do not live in Romania but my heart is there, I proudly wear its colors and I want to succeed in this sport at the highest level for me, my family and for this country; nothing would make me happier than getting on the podium’s top step and hear the national anthem. I am determined to make it happen!