Physical preparation stage


Sweat, tears, blood …

It is mostly this way that we can describe the physical preparation …

Not the most pleasant stage, but God knows it is important!

Not easy to chain the sessions for lower and upper body strength training, aerobics, proprioception, core, weightlifting, leaps, speed … A wide variety of exercices and each one harder than the other.

We must do all this and hope to be fast on the skis thereafter.

This is a sport that requires a lot of different skills, is very complex and requires from us more than a specific preparation.

A skier trains an average of 11 out of 12 months.

It is not easy to race against time on bike or perform all that weightlifting or running on the ski track. We are neither rider nor weightlifter, simply skier but we must be good and prepared in all these areas, if we want to be fast and safe on our skis.

So we engage with determination and spare nothing, all the way!