What happiness is to get back on skis


After 4 months of school and intense physical preparation, I finally get back on skis!

I have to confess that the night was long because I was so excited about skiing again.

I wake up at 5 am and got started!

It took 40min of gondola rising to reach the glacier, followed by a good warm, then I put my skis on and was ready to go!

It is a weird sensation to wear the skis and have the feeling of not knowing anymore to practice it. Although stressed before the first track, I gave it a try … and then – what a pleasure to feel again the sliding, the speed!!

Between 7 and 12 I was chaining the tracks continuosly to make the feelings return, chaining series, exercises to regain the basics …

An excellent first course, with a good return of sensations, although my legs should say otherwise!;)